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Of Beans, Peanuts and Mimosas - fabulous Fabaceae

To mark the annual "Week of Botanical Gardens", this year's exhibition organised by the German Association of Botanical Gardens is dedicated to the legume family (Fabaceae). With almost 20,000 species, the Fabaceae are the third largest plant family after the daisy family (Asteraceae, approx. 30,000 species) and orchids (Orchidaceae, approx. 25,000 species). Legumes are not only extremely important for our diet, but also play an important role in many other areas.

The exhibition

Peas, beans or lentils - for most people, pulses are simply vegetables, but the legume family has much more to offer. Get to know this huge group of plants better with our exhibition. Whether useful, delicious or breathtakingly beautiful: their incredible diversity will amaze you!

On 15 large-format, themed panels, this exhibition shows the economic and cultural importance as well as the fascinating biology of this unique plant family. The topics covered by the exhibition include:

- Nitrogen fixation with the help of nodule bacteria
- Pollination by animals
- Living together with ants
- The colourful diversity of seeds and fruits
- Botanical jewellery from seeds
- Fraudsters in the plant kingdom
- The most beautiful flowering trees of the tropics
- The leaf movements of mimosa
- Gregor Mendel - the pea counter from the monastery garden
- Indigo - the colour of kings

The themed panels are complemented by 32 profiles presenting a selection of remarkable species legume family.

Where can you see the exhibition?
The 15 themed panels can be seen here in the Botanical Garden of Ruhr-Universität Bochum in the Pavilions opposite the Beckmannshof entrance. The individual profiles are located in appropriate places throughout the garden and in the display houses.

The book to go with the exhibition

The wealth of exciting information presented in this exhibition is available in the form of this charming colourful book. It includes all the contents of the exhibition, supplemented by three in-depth essays by invited authors.

What makes this beautiful little book about the legume family so special are the illustrations specially designed by the Münster artist Bjoern von Schulz.

The 85-page book is available from our office at a price of €12.00.

The exhibition "Of Beans, Peanuts and Mimosa - Fabulous Fabaceae" and the "Week of Botanical Gardens" are an initiative of the Association of Botanical Gardens (www.verband-botanischer-gaerten.de).

This exhibition will be shown in many member gardens throughout Germany (and Austria). More information, a list of the exhibiting gardens and event information can be found on the Homepage of the Association of Botanical Gardens. 

Philipp Franz von Siebold - Naturalist & Physician in Japan

An exhibiton in the Foyer

Philipp Franz von Siebold, born in Würzburg in 1796, was a prominent German physician, naturalist and diplomat who played an important role in bringing knowledge about Japan to Europe. Like many doctors of his time, Siebold was also an excellent biologist who made a great contribution to the field of botany.
Brought together by four different scientific collections of the Ruhr University, this exhibition provides an insight into Siebold's life and work.


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